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Management Agreements

Management Agreements

SMK Medical is proud to offer a range of management agreements to best serve our clients' needs.

Long-Term Management Agreements:

We have successfully partnered with ownership groups to provide long-term management services for communities. Our experience with temporary and short-term management agreements has allowed us to develop strong relationships with our clients, which have often converted into long-term management agreements.

Short-Term Management Agreements:

In order to help communities achieve improved clinical, financial, and operational performance, SMK Medical can contract with an ownership group, lender, or landlord on a short-term agreement. Through this process, we assess the community's performance, develop a plan of action for improvement, and stabilize the community, ultimately increasing its asset value for the lender and bringing it back on track for the owner.

Temporary Management Agreements:

SMK Medical has also worked with ownership groups, CMS, and state regulatory agencies to serve as a temporary manager for communities that are facing closure. Our team has successfully improved compliance and clinical performance, clearing surveys and bringing stability to these communities. We pride ourselves on our ability to step in quickly and effectively during times of crisis, working diligently to ensure that communities can continue to provide quality care to their residents.

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