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Facility Closure Managment

Facility Closure Managment

In these challenging times, healthcare facilities are struggling to remain financially viable due to increasing regulations and poor reimbursement rates. If you're considering closing your healthcare facility, it's never an easy decision to make.During these difficult times it is very challenging for healthcare facilities to remain viable. Because of the increasing regulations and poor reimbursement rates you may be thinking of closing your facility. 

  • Are you thinking of closing your health care facility.


  • Have you made the decision to close your healthcare facility

No matter were your are in the decision making process, making the decision to close your nursing facility is never easy.

At SMK Medical, our team of experts has helped numerous facilities through the closing process. We can assist you in developing and implementing a facility closing plan, negotiating with unions on behalf of stakeholders, contacting CMS and the DOH to terminate your CMS agreement, notifying staff and residents, and assisting residents in transitioning to their new home. Additionally, we can communicate with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth and respectful process. Don't go through the process alone, let SMK Medical guide you through every step of the way.

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