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Navigate New Nursing Home Staffing Regulations with SMK Medical's Expert Solutions

Navigate New Nursing Home Staffing Regulations with SMK Medical's Expert Solutions

Posted on April 24th, 2024


The Biden-Harris Administration has finalized a significant regulatory update, the Nursing Home Minimum Staffing Rule, which imposes new staffing requirements on all nursing homes receiving federal funding through Medicare and Medicaid. This regulatory change aims to enhance nursing facilities' quality of care and safety nationwide.


Historically, many nursing homes have faced challenges with understaffing, which can lead to poor care outcomes and jeopardize resident safety. The newly established rule mandates that nursing homes provide a total of 3.48 hours of staffing per resident per day, distributed among registered nurses and nurse aides. This update is part of broader efforts by the administration to strengthen the care provided to vulnerable populations, including elderly and disabled individuals.


  • Staffing Specifics: Under the new rule, facilities must allocate 0.55 hours of registered nurse care and 2.45 hours of nurse aide care per resident per day. For a typical 100-resident facility, this translates to maintaining at least two or three registered nurses and ten or eleven nurse aides on staff per shift.
  • Continuous Care: The requirement for a registered nurse to be on site 24/7 underscores the commitment to providing uninterrupted skilled nursing care.
  • Phased Implementation: Recognizing immediate compliance challenges, the rule will be rolled out in phases, offering additional time for rural and understaffed facilities to adjust. Temporary exemptions are available for areas with workforce shortages, provided they demonstrate efforts to comply.
  • Transparency Measures: Ensuring residents and families are informed about staffing levels and any exemptions being utilized promotes transparency and trust in caregiving.


Facilities must begin planning immediately to adjust staffing levels and schedules to meet the new requirements. It is advisable for nursing homes to:

  • Assess current staffing and identify gaps in compliance with the new rule.
  • Develop recruitment and retention strategies to address staffing shortages, particularly in specialized nursing roles.
  • Implement training programs to ensure staff can deliver high-quality care under the new standards.
  • Enhance communication with residents and their families about how the changes will improve care quality and safety.

This regulatory update represents a crucial step toward improving the standard of care in nursing homes, ensuring that all residents receive the attention and medical support they deserve. All stakeholders must stay informed and actively participate in successfully implementing these changes.

Navigating new staffing regulations? SMK Medical is here to assist. We partner with top industry experts to offer comprehensive services for hiring orientation and staff retention strategies, ensuring you meet the latest standards without risking compliance issues like an F-725 CMS tag.

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