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Introducing PDPMHELP.COM: Your Partner for MDS Auditing, Consulting, and Training

Introducing PDPMHELP.COM: Your Partner for MDS Auditing, Consulting, and Training

Staying compliant with MDS (Minimum Data Set) requirements is essential in the ever-evolving healthcare landscape. SMK Medical is a leading provider of MDS auditing, consulting, and training services, catering to healthcare facilities of all sizes and specialties. Discover the perfect solution to meet your needs from our array of service packages, each designed to streamline your MDS journey.

  1. The MDS Essentials Package: (Ensure Compliance) Ensure your facility's compliance with ease th rough our MDS Essentials Package. This comprehensive offering encompasses general oversight and reporting on MDS/PDPM (Patient-Driven Payment Model) activity and meticulous auditing and reporting services. Ideal for administrators and owners, this package provides you with a crystal-clear report detailing your current MDS risk and compliance matters.
  2. The PDPM Precision Package: (Maximizing Revenue) Elevate your revenue potential with our PDPM Precision Package, tailored for facilities seeking financial optimization and 5-star rating monitoring. This package includes MDS Assessment Analysis, optional weekly calls with PDPM/MDS experts, and a monthly Facility Risk Assessment. It's your pathway to revenue enhancement and performance excellence.
  3. The PDPM Mastery Package: (Elevate Revenue & 5-Star Measures). For those committed to excellence, our PDPM Mastery Package offers a holistic approach to MDS auditing, consulting, and training. Dive deep into your MDS data, benefit from Medicare Meeting Reviews, and receive a monthly workbook to improve your facility's Quality Measures (QM). It's the ultimate choice for facilities determined to excel.

Temporary MDS Nurse Services: Expert Support When You Need It. Our temporary MDS nurse services come to your rescue during your MDS nurse's absence due to vacation or leave. Our experienced and qualified nurses ensure accurate and efficient MDS assessments, maintaining the high standards your facility deserves.

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Throughout Nov 30, 2023, we're offering an exclusive 10% discount on all our MDS auditing, consulting, and training services. This limited-time offer is your chance to save while preparing for the imminent MDS changes.

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SMK Medical comprises a team of dedicated and experienced healthcare professionals committed to your facility's success. With a proven track record of improving MDS completion processes, optimizing PDPM reimbursement, and preparing for successful surveys, we are your trusted partner on the road to success.

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