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Fake Nursing Scam Revealed - How To Protect Your Patients

Fake Nursing Scam Revealed - How To Protect Your Patients

Published 2-1-23

In January 2023, the Department of Justice uncovered that approximately 7,600 nurses held fake nursing licenses. This revelation has sent shockwaves through the healthcare industry and has raised questions about the verification process for obtaining a nursing license in Florida.


The Department of Justice stated that the fake licenses were purchased through a network of individuals who provided fraudulent credentials for a fee. The alleged scheme involved individuals who owned or managed Siena College, Palm Beach School of Nursing, and Sacred Heart International Institute. This has raised concerns about the integrity of the licensing process and the quality of care these individuals provided.


The Department of Justice is working to identify and prosecute those responsible for distributing these fake licenses. So far, 25 individuals have been charged by the DOJ. 


The Department of Justice is taking steps to verify the credentials of all licensed nurses in the state of Florida to ensure that only qualified individuals are practicing nursing in Florida. The consequences of this discovery are far-reaching, as the fake license holders could have put patients in harm's way. The Florida Board of Nursing has encouraged all healthcare companies to check the credentials of their healthcare providers to ensure that they are properly licensed.

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To protect your facility from fake nurses, it is essential to take several preventive measures. Here are some steps you can take:

Verify credentials thoroughly: Verify the credentials of all nursing staff before hiring, including their education, license, and work experience. Ensure that all documentation is genuine and accurate.

Use a reliable verification source: Use a reliable and reputable source to verify the license and credentials of your nursing staff. This can be done through the state board of nursing or a third-party verification service.

Conduct background checks: Conduct background checks on all nursing staff to ensure that they have a clean criminal record and no history of disciplinary actions.

Implement a policy for continuous verification: This requires the continuous verification of nursing staff credentials to ensure that they remain valid and up-to-date.

Educate your staff: Educate your staff about the importance of verifying the credentials of their colleagues and the potential consequences of employing fake nurses.

Report suspicious activity: Encourage your staff to report any suspicious activity or individuals claiming to be nurses without proper credentials.

Taking these preventive measures can reduce the risk of fake nurses infiltrating your facility and ensure that your patients receive high-quality care from qualified professionals.


In conclusion, the discovery of 7,600 fake nursing licenses in Florida is a serious issue that has raised concerns about the quality of care provided by these individuals. The Florida Board of Nursing & the Department of Justice is taking steps to address the problem and prevent it from happening again. Healthcare organizations are encouraged to take an active role in verifying the credentials of their healthcare providers to ensure their safety.

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