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60 Days In Assessing Your Progress with NTA Points and ARD Setting in the PDPM Era

60 Days In Assessing Your Progress with NTA Points and ARD Setting in the PDPM Era

Posted on December 4th, 2023

As we reach the 60-day mark of implementing the updated Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM), it is a crucial time for long-term care facilities to evaluate their progress, particularly concerning Non-Therapy Ancillaries (NTA) points and Assessment Reference Date (ARD) settings. Let's examine how these factors impact care delivery and reimbursement in skilled nursing facilities.

Understanding NTA Points in PDPM (Click Here for NTA point Cheat Sheet):

The introduction of PDPM shifted the focus towards a more comprehensive view of resident care, with NTA points playing a crucial role. These points account for the non-therapy components of resident care, emphasizing complex medical needs.

  • Key Questions for Self-Assessment: Do your facility's MDS coordinators accurately capture all relevant NTA comorbidities and services? How effective has your staff training adapted to this new aspect of PDPM?

The Importance of ARD Setting:

Choosing the correct ARD within the allotted 5- to 14-day window post-admission is more critical under PDPM than ever before. It sets the stage for how resident care is planned and reimbursed.

Evaluating Your Facility's Approach: Have you established a systematic approach for setting ARD dates? How are interdisciplinary teams collaborating to ensure the most accurate and beneficial ARD timing for each resident?

Reflecting on Facility-Wide Changes:

This 60-day mark is an opportune time for you to reflect on the broader changes within your facility since the adoption of PDPM. Have you done the following:

  1. Staff Adaptation and Training: Evaluate how well your staff has adapted to the PDPM changes. Consider additional training or support where necessary.
  2. Data Accuracy and Compliance: Review your MDS submissions for accuracy in capturing NTA points and setting ARDs. Compliance with these new standards is essential for quality care and optimized reimbursement.
  3. Resident-Centered Care Alignment: Ensure that the changes brought by PDPM are aligned with providing high-quality, resident-centered care.

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