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SMK Medical: Customize Your MDS Completion for PDPM Success

SMK Medical: Customize Your MDS Completion for PDPM Success

At SMK Medical, we understand that each skilled nursing facility has unique needs when it comes to MDS completion. That's why we offer a range of tailored services to meet your specific requirements and ensure that your facility is fully compliant with MDS regulations.

Why Choose SMK Medical?

🔶 Expertise at Its Best: Our consultants hold the prestigious RAC-CT and RAC-CTA certifications, setting the gold standard for industry proficiency. When you choose SMK Medical, you're choosing the best.

🔹 PDPM Pioneers: We're more than experts; we're pioneers in the ever-evolving landscape of Patient-Driven Payment Models (PDPM). Count on us to navigate the intricacies and keep your facility ahead of the curve.

🔹 MDS Masters: With a profound understanding of Minimum Data Set (MDS) requirements, we're your ultimate companions in achieving precision, accuracy, and compliance in every assessment. We leave no room for error.

Our Comprehensive MDS Services Include:

✅ Quarterly Assessments

✅ Standalone 5-day Assessments

✅ Interim Payment Assessments (IPA)

✅ All Discharge MDS's

✅ End of PPS Part A Stay (NPE)

✅ Other State Required Assessments (OSA)

We Also Offer Specialized Services to Enhance Your MDS System:

🌟 MDS System Audits: Ensure proper functioning and compliance.

📊 PDPM Risk Assessment: Identify reimbursement system gaps.

🔍 MDS Data Integrity Audits: Ensure accuracy of resident care data.

🚀 MDS System Management: Seamless integration with EHRs..

Customized Solutions Just for You: Can't find a service that meets your unique needs? Contact us today to create a personalized MDS completion plan specific to your facility. At SMK Medical, we're dedicated to providing high-quality, tailored services to ensure your facility remains compliant and delivers exceptional care to its residents.

Don't wait to take your facility to the next level. Head over to our calendar: HERE to book a free consultation or call us at 313-314-8267 today.

Discover how SMK Medical can help your facility achieve its MDS/PDPM goals!

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