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Unlock Your Potential with a One-Month Empowerment Coaching Package

Unlock Your Potential with a One-Month Empowerment Coaching Package

One Month of Professional Coaching for SMK Medical.

At SMK Medical, we offer a powerful coaching package designed to give your career the push it needs to reach the next level. Our One Month Professional Coaching Package is tailored to motivated individuals who want to gain more insight into their career goals and create a plan for rejuvenating their careers.

Our coaching approach involves fewer conversations and more self-guided assessments and introspective assignments. You will receive a written self-assessment tool to help us assess the current state of your career and gain deeper insight into your career goals through an initial coaching conversation.

With our One Month Professional Coaching Package, you will receive weekly 30-minute meetings with your career coach, feedback on your resume and cover letter, and a video call to review your LinkedIn profile. We will develop a personalized plan for career growth and enhancement that includes suggestions for improving your career, developing online and in-person networking networks, and conducting a mock interview.

During the coaching process, we will diagnose the state of your career, create personalized career goals, and manifest a plan to achieve those goals. We will discuss other aspects of career-building that are most important to you, and you will have access to email feedback from us for one month following the completion of our two coaching sessions.

Invest in your career growth today with our One Month Professional Coaching Package. Contact us to get started.

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