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Leigh Anne Thomas RN, RAC-CT
Senior MDS Consultant

Leigh Anne Thomas, RN, brings a distinguished 28-year nursing career to SMK Medical, with an impressive 24-year focus on Long-Term Care. Her expertise is not only profound but also pivotal in shaping the quality of care and operational standards within the healthcare industry. Leigh Anne's journey in healthcare has seen her excel in various corporate and facility-level roles, including Regional Reimbursement Consultant, Regional Care Management Director, MDS Coordinator, and Director of Nursing. These positions have allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of the nuances in Long-Term Care, especially in critical areas such as the RAI process, Nursing Regulatory Compliance, and Mock Surveys, where she is recognized for her proficiency and experience.

Leigh Anne's commitment to excellence is further evidenced by her ongoing efforts to renew her RAC-CT certification, underscoring her dedication to staying at the forefront of nursing assessment and care planning. In August 2023, Leigh Anne was honored with the prestigious Daisy Award from The Daisy Foundation, a testament to her exceptional nursing knowledge, unparalleled work ethic, and commendable managerial and interpersonal skills. The accolade celebrates her hands-on care approach, her ability to work seamlessly within a team, and her selfless dedication to prioritizing the needs of the facility. Leigh Anne Thomas embodies the spirit of nursing excellence and leadership, making her a vital asset to SMK Medical and the broader healthcare community.

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