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National Wide Remote Healthcare Consultants

National Wide Remote Healthcare Consultants

Welcome to SMK Medical — your expert partner for advanced healthcare solutions across the United States. Based in Michigan and specializing as CMS experts, we provide unparalleled support to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and other healthcare providers.

Why Partner with SMK Medical?

  • CMS Compliance and Survey Preparedness: As seasoned CMS experts, we ensure your facility excels in compliance surveys and audits. Our proactive approach helps you stay ahead of CMS regulations, avoiding costly citations and enhancing operational effectiveness.
  • Expertise in MDS and PDPM: Our team is proficient in managing the complexities of the Minimum Data Set (MDS) and the Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM), optimizing your facility’s performance and patient care quality.
  • Customized Plan of Corrections: Should citations occur, our specialists are skilled in developing comprehensive Plans of Correction. We guide you through every step of the correction process to address deficiencies and meet regulatory expectations swiftly.
  • Diverse Team of Healthcare Compliance Specialists: We boast a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals including nursing home administrators, registered nurses, dietitians, and social workers. Each member contributes specialized knowledge, enabling us to tackle a wide array of challenges specific to healthcare compliance.
  • Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Healthcare Delivery: Understanding the uniqueness of each healthcare provider, we customize our services to fit your specific needs, focusing on areas like staff training, policy development, and emergency preparedness.

Take Action Before Compliance Issues Escalate Don’t wait for regulatory challenges to disrupt your operations. Contact SMK Medical today to ensure your facility not only meets but exceeds healthcare compliance standards. 

Reach out to our CMS and compliance experts by calling (313) 314-8267 or booking a call HERE . Secure your facility’s future with SMK Medical, where compliance meets excellence.

SMK Medical: Leading with Expertise, Succeeding with Care.

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